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The Masters’ Apprentices Photography Club Inc.

Three Images

File name  Month_Surname_first initial_No_title         (month = 3 characters)

 e.g. Nov_Smith_w_1_the mobile story.jpg

  e.g. Nov_Smith_w_2_the great story.jpg

  e.g. Nov_Smith_w_3_the best story.jpg

Images must be sized Maximum

1920 pixels x 1080 pixels at 100 dpi  

 Maximum file size 2 kb.

Photoshop click here

HOMEWORK:  One image  to be a travel photograph.

1 How about something quirky / heartwarming / exciting / confronting? Not just a “straight” shot.

Find something extraordinary- perhaps with a totally different viewpoint Use your imagination and get the grey cells working.


2 One image is to feature creative manipulation or creative vision.

3  one image is to be own choice.