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About us

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The Masters’ Apprentices Photography Club Inc.

This is a Special Interest Group for those who wish to explore advanced techniques and ideas in photography;

    to go beyond images just for club competitions,

    to do something more to challenge one's skills for more creative and emotive images.

    If you want to go past the simple technical or pictorial aspects to broader, more artistic, more creative levels, or for exhibition or book production level, then come and join us.

The Masters' Apprentices name was chosen because we intend learning from the masters, and as apprentices, we acknowledge we have lots more to learn. (masters can be the old masters, tutors and professionals)

The challenge!

If someone is in the right place at the right time and there is an extraordinary subject in front of them, cameras these days will allow anybody to take a snapshot of that subject and the result will look extraordinary  because the subject was extraordinary within itself.

But did the photographer have or use any skill of their own?  And how often do we get that lucky chance?

Our challenge to you is to strive to know and use technical expertise and relevant effects of lighting, exposure, composition, angles, moods, post processing, and the psychology of what impresses,as techniques  in order to make the ordinary into the extra ordinary, and even an extraordinary subject  into an even more powerful image.

Is there a purpose to the photograph? Who's going to see it and why? How do we meet that purpose?